Restaurant beim Schlass

Beim Schlass
LOCATION Wiltz, Luxembourg
CLIENT Administration communale de Wiltz
SURFACE restaurant 167m2
hotel 504m2
COMPLETION summer 2018
PHOTOPGRAPHY Blickfänger & We Searchy
This renovated hotel restaurant BEIM SCHLASS is located in the center of Wiltz, next to the iconic monumental castle. The new concept of interior preserves both, the building’s original charming elements and the embracing modern simplistic aesthetic.
Every corner of the hotel has been thoughtfully designed to create vignettes that balance a sophisticated aesthetic with comfort and luxury. Through the restaurant, you’ll find a smart transition from the large, white, open dining space to the smaller and darker cosy bar, by carefully tuned color selections and finishes.
Design is not about removing the old and replace it by something new. It is more like appreciating existing elements and incorporate these in a new concept. When the results will satisfy the functional and aesthetic requests, we then know we are creating something that is called ‘design’.